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Reloaded - CD


 Michael's latest CD project “Reloaded” is a collaboration of the best songs chosen from his previous CDs plus an added addition of two new arrangements of Curtis Mayfield classic version of “Gypsy Woman”.The fans of Michael Ross will be delighted to see and hear that he is back in the mix and the newcomers will wonder why they haven’t heard of him before. He always treated you with a vocal or two. His vocal and guitar arrangement of “Gypsy Woman” will draw you into the music instantly. Like an artist he managed to create the mood and paint you a picture that you vividly can imagine yourself being there in the moment. This is a must have CD, featuring original songs like “The Boss” that won him Best Jazz Album of 2004. “Her Latin Dance”, another smooth original composition that gives you that authentic Latin flavor. Michael Ross original music is more than satisfying and his cover tunes will keep you remembering. You will be extremely impressed with this CD, and at the very end he leaves you with a poem entitled “Say You’ll Come With Me”. This is a flawless piece of work that will leave you asking for more. Those of you who haven’t experience Michael Ross’s music will be in for a real treat.