Michael Ross


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Hi, my wife and I saw you and your band last night. You all were great, I'm an up and comeing saxophone player. I would love too play in your band oneday. Again great show, may God keep blessing you.
Hi Mike. It is good to see you keeping the fire going. Congrats on the new CD, I will be getting my copy. God Bless
Mr.Ross, I love your sound. Will tell my friends about you also.
Mr.Ross, you have a real smooth sound. I love the way you voice with the guitar.
Man your,BAD!!!!! Great sound !
GREAT CD! I listen to it everyday. :-)
Nice easy smooth jazz cd recommended by your son who will become our next pastor here in Sacramento California. We look forward to your visit.
SSSSMMMMOOOOTTTTHHHH is all that can be said about the sounds that you are putting down. Thanks for the relaxing feeling makes you wanna you know.
I think that the new direction that you went with the website is simply awesome. The new CD is just as smooth as the artist himself. I can't wait for the next project.
I haven't heard your CD yet, but I love your sound. Looking forward to.
I like River Walk
Michael I am glad to have made contact with after so long. You are looking good and your music is great. I will go back on your site to buy your latest CD. I hope to speak with and see you soon. Keep up the great work. Milton
Heard you last night at Walter Paytons, bought your CD, wonderful music. I wanted my son to hear you. Great talent.
I like the cd, but would like more guitar playing and less singing.
Mike, This CD is fabulous...You have really out done yourself. Keep it going brother!
Hello Michael, Just want to say that you are truly the BEST and above all the rest. Keep making great music. Love you Ola
Mike, The new site is great. I'm really diggin' this. The new CD is awesome. You never disappoint me. It sounds great. I know it will do big things. Tell Najee I said nice work!!!.... Peace and Blessings!